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BOOK #1-3:
HeLL(P) is a story set in Hell. Due to a silly misunderstanding, our main characters end up joining a competition where they can win a ticket to Heaven! Thirteen teams compete and face unimaginable dangers as they fight their way through 7 deadly challenges.
In this book we have collected the three first chapters: Everything you need to kickstart your trip to Hell.

BOOK #4:
The adventure of HeLL(P) continues and now they are about to face the first challenge: Capture the flag! It may sound like a harmless and fun game, but playing in a mine field with traps around every corner definitely puts the pressure on.

BOOK #5:
(This book comes in TWO sizes: A5 and A4)
This chapter of HeLL(P) is packed with characters and action. They face the second challenge in the competition: The crazy and wicked card game called "All Eyes On", a game usually enjoyed by demons.
The chapter is divided into two parts, making it a very long chapter. With an additional 7 pages with concept art and doodles, this book is 100 pages!

BOOK #6:
In this chapter of HeLL(P), Team 11 is on their way to the next challenge. On the way they stop by a luscious, yet mysterious mountain city. No1 discovers a dark secret behind the idyllic facade and has to find a way to get his team out of there in one piece!

BOOK #7:
In this chapter of HeLL(P) they enter the third challenge: A treasure hunt inside the tourist attraction "Jotun's Remains". You'd think that's a safe environment, but this is in Hell and safety is up to the visitors. In addition, some people don't think twice about eliminating their competitors and this seem to be a very easy landscape to do so.
This book comes with a map!